What are the Pros and Cons of Smartphones?

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Who can remember a time without smartphones? An era where personal cell phones were simply made for communication. Now, we have a phone, camera, music player, computer, and many others wrapped up in a pocket-friendly device. With the advancement of this technology comes along several benefits and drawbacks. If you were wondering what they were, here are the pros and cons of smartphones.

Smartphones have made it possible to communicate with anyone anywhere; they also help to improve productivity on a daily basis. However, they can be pretty expensive and addictive.

These are just a few ways in which smartphones affect us positively and negatively. There are countless numbers of factors that make these powerful devices both our friends and enemies. Wouldn’t you like to find out what they are?

Pros of Smartphones

We all love our smartphones and all the treasure they hold. Most times, we cannot imagine our lives without them. Here are a few upsides to owning a smartphone.

Easier Communication

The primary goal of cell phones has always been for communication. With the modern-day smartphone, communication is a breeze. Several means have been created to help you keep in touch with your friends and family anywhere in the world. Now, you can send text messages, make phone calls, and use various applications to make video calls and send direct messages.


If you have ever been caught with a love letter or unwittingly disclosed personal information to an unwanted party, you would understand the need for privacy. Smartphones made today come with different forms of security. 

These days, you can use a password, pin, fingerprint, and even your face to secure your phone. Some apps come with added security, and you can lock them individually. With the use of these security practices, you can stop people from snooping through your phone or certain apps.

Access to the Internet

The introduction of smartphones has made it possible for us to access the internet without using a computer. Most applications used on a smartphone require the internet. 

With their ability to utilize the internet, these pocket-sized devices are perfect for using these apps. Using the internet, you can browse the web, send emails, and do many other activities.


With a smartphone in your pocket, you basically have the world in your hands. You no longer need a landline or payphones; you can use a smartphone almost anywhere you go.

Be careful when leaving your home country. This is because your service provider might not offer you service outside of the country or it might charge you extra fees to do so. 


Getting lost trying to go from one location to another is less common due to the GPS that comes on a smartphone. A smartphone can act as a GPS device and navigate you almost anywhere. Most smartphones come with inbuilt navigation software, and there are various applications you can download if you are not a fan of the default GPS app. 

Some of these applications also inform you about traffic jams and how to avoid them. They also give you an estimated time of arrival, regardless of your means of transportation. 


Whenever we need to relax or are bored, we tend to perform activities to distract ourselves. Some of us like to read, some listen to music, others watch movies; the possibilities are endless, and all these can be done on a smartphone. 


Everyone has a smartphone, and anyone that doesn’t have one is trying to get one. With a variety of brands to choose from, there is a smartphone for just about any budget.


Gone are those days where you forgot to pick up an item from the grocery store or neglected to do an assignment. With your smartphone, you can do almost anything. You can shop online, you can plan your day, you can set reminders, you can find all the things you need to have a productive day, week, or even year on your smartphone.

Cons of Smartphones

Despite all their usefulness, smartphones are not always the best gadgets to possess. They can affect us in ways that reduce our overall productivity and level of comfort.


With so many things to do on a smartphone, the chances of you getting distracted are pretty high. While these distractions have minimal consequences when you are having a conversation or in a meeting, the repercussions are much higher in other instances. For example, imagine you’re driving, and then you get a text, you will be tempted to look, and once you do, something dreadful could happen.


Everyone wants luxury, be it the latest phone, outfit, or accessories. However, these top-class products come at a hefty price. Most times, you’ll have to save for a long time before you can afford high-end phones. Sometimes, you might even end up in debt, all in the name of getting a new phone. 

After purchasing the phone, you still need to think about paying airtime points, internet access, and subscriptions. 

Another thing to think about is the phone breaking. What do you do then? You will need to decide whether it is worth repairing it or buying a new one and both options could be costly.

Health Issues

Constant staring at a smartphone’s screen can cause you to have eye issues or insomnia, leading to an unproductive day if you have to be at work or school.

Aside from the problems that come from your phone’s screen, you also run the risk of straining your neck from the constant staring of your screen.

Physical health isn’t the only form of health affected by smartphones. These days, everyone is trying to outdo themselves. In doing so, they tend to post all over social media about how well they are doing. 

Some people might see these posts and start comparing themselves to others more fortunate than they are, or even envy the number of likes received by others.


With so much to do on a smartphone, people tend to get addicted. They no longer have time for anything else, constantly checking for updates on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. This obsession leads to discomfort when we are away from our phones for long periods.

Addiction to smartphones is so bad that most people wake up to check their phones before getting out of bed or even saying “Good morning.”

Risk of Data Loss

Most of our data can be found on our phones, from login passwords to pictures and videos. Once your phone is stolen, your information is no longer private, or you run the risk of potentially losing all your data. If you’re lucky, you probably have all your data backed up, but if not, you have to start all over.

Harmful Content

Yes, the internet is a great platform to learn and educate yourself, but this isn’t always the case. The internet is a vast field that consists of all sorts of harmful content. Without any prior notice, you can come across violence, or content that is misleading. This content might not faze you, but what about children that are still impressionable? 


Since anyone can just pick up their phone and reach you at any time, you tend to have less time for yourself. As soon as you’re reachable, they expect that you’ll respond to their messages or pick their calls. This can be frustrating, especially when you require your phone for an important task and you keep getting interrupted.

Increase in Cybercrime

Everyone now has a smartphone, and with a high number of smartphones comes a higher number of cybercrimes.

Smartphones have made it easier for cybercriminals to wreak havoc on unsuspecting victims. With a smartphone, they can steal identities, personal information, and money. This is just the tip of the iceberg; people can do so much crime on a smartphone.

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