Why Is Windows Operating System Popular?

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Anyone who has ever used a computer is familiar with Windows operating system. Windows is the operating system of choice for numerous brands like HP, Acer, and Dell. Everyone can’t seem to get enough of it, but what is it about this operating system? Why is Windows operating system so popular?

Windows operating system is popular because it has an easy user interface, is affordable, and it is compatible with various types of software and hardware.

Windows isn’t the only operating system for computers out there. Different computer manufacturers have other operating systems for their devices. Who knows, maybe you would prefer an alternative operating system to Windows.

Why Is Windows Operating System Popular?

You have always known Windows to be popular, but do you know why? There are plenty of reasons why Windows are so popular. Here they are.


Microsoft introduced Windows at a time when computers became mainstream. During this period, options were limited. There was the operating system of the Macintosh, but it was too expensive. UNIX was also available, but its machines were also expensive. These options were not only pricey but were harder to use. 

Windows was the obvious choice with an affordable and easy-to-use experience. This edge gave the OS a head start on the market, and it has been in the lead ever since.


One of the reasons Windows is so popular is its price. Windows come pre-installed in several brands of computers that come at various prices. The affordable variants of these devices allow for just about anyone to own a computer that comes with Windows OS. In contrast, Apple sets all their computers at high prices. 

Most users are not happy with this price, seeing as Windows and macOS have similar fundamental functions and user experiences, leading most to buying a Windows computer.

Aside from Windows OS coming in pocket-friendly computers, it has numerous inbuilt software that does not need to be purchased separately. Other operating systems like the macOS would have you buying software to perform tasks that you can do for free on a Windows computer.


While this may seem obvious, but Windows is so popular because it is so popular. With a large number of users opting for Windows and being more familiar with it, it only makes sense for large organizations to make use of this operating system. Using Windows means that these organizations do not require their staff to undergo much training to understand it.

Also, the ubiquity of Windows gives way for collaboration and compatibility among all users of the operating system in different fields. This increases productivity because less time is spent trying to make files and documents compatible with several OS.

Hardware and Software Compatibility  

Unlike macOS, Windows can run on almost all computers and can recognize most hardware attached to it. Also, due to its popularity, Windows has plenty of software developers that work to create software compatible with it. Even software predominately made for another OS can be found on Windows. 

Another reason Windows is widely used is that its installation disk, which you only have to buy once, can be used on several computers. This means that no matter how many times you delete Windows from your computer, you’ll be able to reinstall it as many times as you like. However, you cannot do this with macOS.

More Variety of Software

Of all the operating systems, Window offers the most number of software to pick from. This gives users a variety of options and has software developers working hard to release the best software they possibly can. This drive to impress users leads to a higher number of applications that are available to anyone using a Windows computer.

Other operating systems that do not have as many users have fewer applications available. With a limited offering, these OS do not offer users diversity or low-quality applications, which tends to send users looking for a more diverse OS. 

Better Applications

There is a number of applications built for multiple operating systems also tend to have more features on Windows.

For example, Microsoft Office is an essential productivity tool that most people use. It is available on both Windows and macOS. However, the use of the software on Windows offers you more features and a more seamless experience than on macOS. This reason alone makes people lean towards Windows for a better experience using their favorite apps.

What Is an Operating System?

An operating system (OS) is an integral part of any computer. It is software that runs on a computer’s hard drive that acts as an interface between its hardware, software, and users. 

An operating system not only manages the memory and process of a computer but also allows you, the user, to communicate with the computer without understanding its language.

Some functions of an operating system include booting of the computer, data security, and disk management.  

Without an operating system, you would not be able your computer. The operating system runs other programs like browsers, games, Microsoft Office, and others.

Most computers come with a pre-installed operating system. However, you can choose to upgrade to a different OS. There are three main operating systems for a computer: Windows OS, macOS, and Linux. 

These operating systems function in different ways and give users varying pre-installed apps and experiences. Most times, people use OS based on preference.

Types of Operating System

Windows is a popular operating system, but it is not the only one. There are other operating systems that could possibly give Windows a run for its money.


Windows is an operating system designed by Microsoft and released in the mid-1980s. A majority of computers come preloaded with this OS, making Windows the most popular OS for computers in the world.

Seeing as Windows is proprietary software, everything about it is decided by Microsoft and sold to the masses that way. This means users cannot tweak or tamper with the OS.

Windows makes it possible for you to perform several tasks like browsing the internet or editing a word document.

Since its inception, there have been several versions of Windows. The first was Windows 95 (1995), then Windows XP (2001),  Windows Vista (2007), Windows 7 (2009), Windows 8 (2012), Windows 10 (2015), with the latest being Windows 11 (2021)


macOS is an operating system created and sold by Apple. It is Windows’ biggest competition and is solely used on Apple computers. It used to be called “Mac OS X.”, then “OS X,” and now macOS. 

Just like Windows, the macOS is a proprietary software built and distributed by Apple strictly for their devices. Some versions of this OS include Mojave, Sierra, Yosemite, and the latest Big Sur. 

The macOS is only used by 10% of users worldwide. This is mainly because Apple computers are expensive, and people prefer the experience of Windows. However, the macOS offers one of the best user experience and graphical user interface (GUI) services.


Linux is not like Windows or macOS; it is not proprietary software. Instead, Linux is an open-source operating system that can be used and easily modified by anyone worldwide. It is an operating system similar to UNIX. This operating system does not belong to any company, which makes it free. 

Due to its versatility, there are several versions of Linux to choose from, including Ubuntu, Slackware, and Debian.

Even though Linux is free and versatile, it is not as popular as its counterparts. However, it is still heavily used by several users.

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