What is An Alternative to a Laptop?

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The laptop is currently the top choice of all of the different types of computers based on how much it leads in terms of sales. This is partly due to their versatility and portability. However, what if you are looking for something that isn’t exactly a laptop but can do the things that a laptop can do? What is a good alternative to a laptop?

If you are prioritizing portability, the best alternative to a laptop is an iPad Pro or any other iPad variation. Even something as simple as a standard tablet can already be good enough to serve as an alternative to a laptop especially if you are on a budget and can’t afford an iPad.

The amazing part about the tablet is that it tends to hit the sweet spot in almost everything you are looking for in a good device. In that regard, it can be difficult to find an alternative that can fully replace a laptop but there are some alternatives that have become close in doing so. Read more to learn more about laptop alternatives.

What device can be a laptop alternative?

When it comes to the world of computing, the most wanted device has long been the laptop computer. Laptops have come a long way from their early years. Since the latter part of the 2000s, they have seen a significant rise in use and sales due to the very fact that laptops are effective machines that can do almost everything that a desktop is capable of doing.

Laptops are some of the most versatile types of computers out there and are easily portable enough for you to carry around wherever you go. Its portable form factor, along with how manufacturers have been making the laptop more powerful every year, is what essentially makes the laptop as great as it is to the point that the laptop dominates the computer market.

However, there are some instances where the laptop isn’t a machine that fits the needs of a person especially when it comes to portability. There are some who might be looking for smaller devices. Meanwhile, there are others who might be looking for something more powerful regardless of how portable it might be. So, what device can serve as a laptop alternative?

The alternative(s) to a laptop depends on your needs and what you are looking for. If you are not too concerned about your budget and you are looking for something that’s pretty powerful and has a higher performance than a laptop, then a desktop computer should be something you are looking for to serve as an alternative.

Desktops are not exactly portable machines and are not entirely new because these are the earlier versions of the computer. However, desktop computers are still pretty much in demand today especially when it comes to hardcore gamers, professional animators, and graphics designers. That’s because desktops are bigger and more powerful than their laptop counterparts even though they aren’t necessarily more affordable than laptops.

However, the best alternative that you can think of when it comes to finding a device that hits some of the best aspects of a laptop is a tablet. Tablets have become pretty popular nowadays as they are even selling more than desktops. And when it comes to tablets, the best in the market is the Apple iPad, which dominates the entire tablet industry.

So, if you are looking for a good laptop alternative, the iPad Pro seems to hit the right spot in a lot of aspects. However, if you can’t afford an Apple iPad Pro, there are cheaper iPad variants that are just as effective as alternatives to a laptop.

But, if you really are looking for something that is a lot friendlier to your budget, there are plenty of different tablets that are a lot more affordable than an iPad but are still pretty much capable of doing what a tablet is supposed to do as an effective laptop alternative.

How is a tablet a good laptop alternative?

While we did say that a tablet is a good laptop alternative, why do we even consider it as a device that comes closest to what a laptop can offer? Let’s look at some parameters that are quite common between laptops and tablets.


The aspect that has made the laptop so popular is its size because of how it simply hits the right spot. Laptops are not entirely huge and clunky but are light enough for you to carry around wherever you go. And the fact that they are not too large and heavy allows you to simply pack your laptop and use it wherever you want to use it.

In the same way, tablets are also quite small and compact. While laptops are usually larger than 13 inches, tablets fall somewhere under 13 inches. On top of that, tablets have a slimmer frame and a lighter build that allows them to be easier to carry around than most laptops. 


In line with how small, compact, and light laptops are, they are also quite portable. Laptops come with a clamshell form factor that makes them easy to carry around. On top of that, laptops are all-in-one machines that don’t require a separate keyboard, mouse, or monitor. That’s because all of the essentials that a laptop needs are already included in its form factor.

On the other hand, tablets are great alternatives because they are even more portable than laptops are. Tablets are basically end-to-end screens and they typically don’t need a keyboard or a mouse to function. You only need to use its touchscreen capabilities for you to effectively use a tablet.


Performance-wise, tablets are not as powerful as laptops in a general sense but they are getting there just as how laptops are steadily becoming as powerful as desktops. Tablets now come with amazing operating systems that make them unique in the sense that they have the power that will allow you to multitask and use different apps that can be effective in terms of your overall productivity.

On top of that, tablets are now becoming quite powerful in terms of their battery life such that they can sometimes last longer than laptops can.


The tablet is not as versatile as the laptop but it still is pretty much versatile in a lot of different aspects. That’s because tablets are capable of performing different functions that laptops can also do. Normal everyday tasks such as office works, video conferencing, internet browsing, and media playback are all possible on a tablet.

While you might need to buy a keyboard attachment or even a mouse for your tablet, this device is still pretty much versatile as it is. Using a keyboard attachment will only make it come close to becoming a laptop replacement.

As powerful as tablets are becoming, you can now even edit videos and play games with them even though they are still lagging behind laptops in those departments.


Finally, we have the price tag that comes with a tablet. Laptops are expensive machines especially if you look at the premium laptops that come with the best specs. However, what you should also know is that tablets can also be quite expensive especially when you look at the premium versions of the iPad Pro.

However, tablets can be laptop alternatives because there are some entry-level tablets that are actually a lot more affordable than laptops. It isn’t rare to find tablets that fall under $200, and that is a price that a laptop can’t beat. You can even start with the entry-level iPad, which is somewhere close to $400, which is a good price to pay for a capable tablet. 

As such, because of how affordable tablets can be, they can serve as effective laptop alternatives especially if you don’t have the money to buy a good laptop.

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