Recommended Computer Applications

Computers/Laptops come with default applications but there are additional applications you want to add to make your machine more useful.

Microsoft Office Home and Student is a bundle of applications from Microsoft that include Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and OneNote. This bundle of applications is useful for a wide range of users such as students, people working on personal projects, businesses and more.

I use both Mac and Windows machines and have Microsoft’s bundle of applications on both. Apple came out with a bundle of applications similar to Microsoft’s bundle of applications but I still find Microsoft’s applications to be superior. Microsoft Office has been around for years and has more features compared to Apple’s version of Microsoft Office. Microsoft Office is one of Microsoft’s best selling bundles, which is not hard to believe because of all the value it provides.

Why I Recommend Microsoft Office

The first application I want to talk about is Microsoft Word. Word is a word processor which allows users to type up documents. Microsoft Word comes with templates such as for resumes, presentations and many more. This helps users not have to waste time formatting their word document and get straight to typing.

I have spent countless hours on Word to write research papers for school, create presentations, write books, write work-related documents or write resumes/Curriculum Vitae. This tool is worth the money because of the wide range of uses it has for its users.

I like this application because it comes with an auto-corrector and it can format sentences. These two combined can predict, and at times write a better sentence, than you were initially thinking about. This has saved me from typos countless times and lowers the number of times I have to go back and correct myself.

Microsoft Excel is used to write spreadsheets quickly and efficiently. The use cases range from accountants, people who work in finance, scientists, students and more.

I like that Excel allows users to create and save formulas then apply these formulas to multiple datasets. It also has a useful tool to plot data in graphs or charts to get a better view of what the data looks like.

Microsoft PowerPoint is used to create presentations. I found the templates it comes with to be more than enough. It sometimes is almost too many options and I spend too much time thinking about which template to use. The templates also offer one less thing to worry about when creating a presentation because most of the formatting for the presentation is taken care of.

Adding images to a slide is as convenient as copying and pasting the necessary images from the library you are picking from and it comes with an intuitive resize tool for images. Overall my experience with this application is always smooth and anything that I am unsure about can be searched online.

Microsoft Outlook is a mail platform that comes with a calendar built into the application to help keep you organized. It can save events sent to your e-mail and set reminders for those events. It also lets users save important task in their e-mail

Microsoft OneNote is a powerful note taking software. It is a notebook that autosaves on its own and it allows users to copy and paste: files, folders and parts or all of a webpage (and it automatically includes the link from the webpage when you do this) onto a page in OneNote. Users can also write their own notes and utilize many other use cases with this application.

If you were to make a word document, excel document, a presentation, and had a few emails related to these documents then you could paste them into the same OneNote page for easier access.