Are Gaming Laptops Worth It?

Deciding between a gaming laptop and a regular laptop can be a difficult decision. If you decide to get a gaming laptop, you’ll want to make sure that it is worth your money. Rest assured, your money is well spent when you buy a gaming laptop.

A gaming laptop is worth the money because of two aspects: graphics and RAM. In addition to having great quality provided during a CPU game, a gaming laptop functions for everyday use too. PC gaming laptops support the Windows 10 program. However, a gaming laptop runs out of battery power faster.

One of the best qualities about a gaming laptop is that it doesn’t have to be extravagantly expensive. Below, we’ll explore the different areas that make a gaming laptop worth the cost, as well as a good price range for buying one.

Work and Play

One of the best advantages to having a gaming laptop is that you don’t have to get another computer to accomplish the different tasks that you have in your job. A gaming laptop can work for both purposes! Not only does this provide a lightweight solution for when you have to travel, but it also means that you can have your cake and eat it as well.

If you’re concerned about the different programs that you can run on a gaming laptop, don’t worry. They have been built to handle the different areas of work that you might need to address. One of the best benefits is that you can easily access and use Windows 10 using the Microsoft 365 plan. You can write up documents, create spreadsheets, and do graphic editing as well. Then, once the work is done for the day, you can turn on your favorite game and enjoy escaping into your visually perfect world.

The space that a gaming computer has versus a laptop is about the same. However, you can run a lot more information on your gaming laptop than you can on your regular laptop. If you have a job, you will usually need to have a few tabs open at a time. It may increase depending on the information that you have to look up. A gaming laptop can handle this without slowing down the processing time.


The biggest factor that sets gaming laptops apart from regular laptops is the RAM space. RAM (Random Access Memory) acts as the short-term memory for your computer. Essentially, it can let you quickly access the information you may have closed out of an hour ago. This allows you to avoid the process of trying to remember what you were searching for an hour ago. However, this means that this memory will be erased once you shut down your computer.

Once you boot your computer up again, your RAM will reset, which can be a pretty slow process. This can become frustrating if you want to game on a daily basis because your game takes forever to load. A gaming laptop has enough RAM storage space to provide that quick boot up. Most games need around 8 GB to function on a smooth level. New games are coming out that require more, the most being 16 GB. But, if you’re just starting out, 8 GB is just fine.

In addition to having enough RAM storage space, it is important to have the right amount of MHz for reading the binary code. If the MHz speed is too slow and you have 16 GB of RAM storage space, this is going to slow down your gaming process. Even though the RAM space is high, you don’t have enough speed to process the information. This means that you need at least 3200 MHz for your computer to stay up to speed.

So, how does this compare to a regular laptop and why is it better? A regular laptop has a fairly limited amount of RAM storage space. A regular laptop has a range of RAM storage space of 4-8 GB. This means that if you are trying to do gaming, the quality and speed that it functions at are going to be a lot slower. In this instance, a gaming laptop is much more worth it compared to a regular laptop.


Another vital component for a gaming laptop is a graphics card. This is what helps to bring the game to life, with its sharp quality and high-resolution images. There are two ways a graphics card can be used: integrated and discrete. Most gamers prefer to use an internal graphics card because it is far less expensive. Unless you’re living at the Ritz all the time, it’s unlikely you have the money for an external one. So, it’s likely that you won’t even see your GPU, since it is embedded next to the CPU in your computer.

Whichever you choose, they both perform the same function. The GPU communicates with the CPU (central processing unit). The CPU is the heart of your computer; it helps to perform all of the important functions you need it to do. Together they work to create and process the information that is going through your computer. Your GPU helps to speed up the rendering of the graphics for your game.

Obviously, a regular laptop has a less sophisticated GPU, meaning that your graphics experience won’t be as great. This is fine because, for the most part, there is nothing that needs a high GPU. If you’re doing extensive graphic design or using a program that needs high resolution, a gaming laptop might be better because it can handle the large amount of information that needs to be processed.

SSD vs. Mechanical Drive

One of the most important things to consider is what kind of space you need. If you have a game that takes up a lot of storage space, a gaming computer is a better option. This is because you can connect an SSD (solid-state drive) to it. This will store the information that you need without draining the battery from your computer. A mechanical hard drive is built into the computer board, instead of being connected to the computer.

So, if you have a gaming laptop, is it better to have an SSD or a mechanical drive? The main difference between the two is that an SSD is an external hard drive, whereas a mechanical drive is internal. Another difference is the speed at which they process information. An SSD is much faster in processing the information that your computer has. It provides a much smoother gaming experience. If you don’t want the hassle of connecting another component before you start playing, you can choose to have an internal SSD installed. What type you want is up to you.

A mechanical drive is built with the computer and so could be argued that it is a more reliable way for the information to be stored. Based on how careful you are with your SSD, the information should stay safe as well. However, a mechanical drive takes a much longer time to process and access the information. This means that it can take a much longer time for your game to boot up and even run.

Because it has a mechanical hard drive built into it, this means that the processing time is a lot slower. Thus, the performance and quality of your game can suffer. This can spill into your workforce as well. You have to be constantly aware of how much storage space you have on your computer to ensure that you can complete everything you need to.

Battery Power

Not everything with gaming laptops is great, however. One of the biggest drawbacks is that if you’re not plugged into an outlet, your gaming adventure is brought to a sudden “game over,” which no one wants to see. Because your computer has to process such a vast amount of pixels, binary code, and other information, the battery is drained quickly. If you don’t have it plugged in, you have about an hour to game.

Another drawback is if your charging cord breaks. Because it is a very specific build, you have to order a new charging cord from that company.

Even when you’re not gaming, this extends to general use as well. So, if you have to travel a lot and get business done on a plane, don’t get a gaming laptop. But, if you don’t care about the battery power, then a gaming laptop works well. All things considered, that’s a small price to pay for the great quality you get when doing your games.

Freedom to Customize

Perhaps the most exciting thing about getting a gaming computer is that you can choose what you want. If you don’t know what kind of storage you’ll need, you can get an upgradeable RAM device. So, if you start out at 8 GB, then you can move up to a 16 GB storage device. This gives you a lot of versatility in what you want to choose. You can also choose if you want to have a mechanical and SSD drive and how much storage you want. This customization can be done all at once or over a period of time.

This is great, especially if you are a student or a parent with children. This means that you can also spend a lot of time researching what things might work the best for your gaming preferences. In addition to upgrading the computer itself, you can also upgrade your mouse to a gaming mouse. This will have a better grip for your wrist, as well as integrating more versatile gaming components. You can also have a light-up keyboard, which can make you feel as though you are in a fancy arcade.

Additionally, you can customize your gaming laptop to the type of games you play. If you tend to play video games that require a better CPU interaction with your GPU, you can get a computer that helps with both. If, on the other hand, you are more concerned about the graphics of the game, you can get a better GPU. This tailoring process makes it really nice to find the type of gaming computer that works the best for you.

About all you get to customize on a regular laptop is the back. You can put stickers and quotes on it to make it seem more unique, but you don’t get to add on any extra storage or a cool laptop that glows. The capacity to make your existing computer better is extremely limited. So, if you plan on a career (whether gaming or work-oriented) that might need more storage, or the ability to upgrade, it is best to get a gaming computer.


If you’re worried that you’ll have to sell your car to have enough money to get a gaming laptop, don’t worry! The cost is about the same as a regular laptop. For example, a Lenovo laptop at Walmart starts at about $650. This is true for a gaming laptop as well. For the same price, you can get a computer that is more versatile and has more storage capacity.

Of course, with the addition of the higher quality extensions you want and the faster speed of MHz you want your computer to run at, the price will rise. The prices can get up to $2000 and higher, depending on what you specifically want to customize. The prices for your computers will change with every website that you look at, but you don’t have to spend an exorbitant amount of money to get something that can fit your needs.

Some websites have a lot of customization that you can do, but it makes the price skyrocket. Even a simply customized gaming laptop costs about $1700. The average range for a new gaming laptop that has the basic specs that you need is between $600-$1000. This means that there are good quality laptops out there that can accommodate both your needs at home and at work in the stuffy office. Gaming laptops definitely make up for the cost that they have.

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