8 Reasons Why Macbooks Are Expensive

MacBooks take some real cash, but why? What makes them cost so much? What makes them so special?

Though it depends on which MacBooks you’re looking at, most Apple products tend to be pricier than their competitors. If you’ve ever wondered why, here’s a list of the top 8 reasons MacBooks are so expensive!

What’s a MacBook?

MacBooks were the very first laptops made by Apple with macOS (operating systems).

Replacing laptop models you’ve never heard of (the Powerbook and the iBook), the MacBook came out in 2006 when Apple Inc. made the change to using Intel processors for their computers.

The MacBook varieties:

  • MacBook Air
  • MacBook Pro (13 in.)
  • MacBook Pro (16 in.)

Over the years, Apple Inc. has come up with some advancements and has since both upgraded and updated their laptops’ systems. (The newest computers are the ones we’re going to be discussing).

Here are some the the stats for MacBooks:

MacBook Air

Coming out as the lightest and thinnest Apple Inc. laptop, the MacBook Air is also one of the least expensive.

Top Features:

  • 13.3-inch screen display
  • Apple M1 Chip (2020 software)
  • 16 GB Memory
  • 2 TB Storage
  • Battery life of up to 18 hrs
  • Touch ID
  • Thunderbolt 2 port
  • Weighs 2.8 pounds
  • *About 1.8 GHz

*If you’re new to computer lingo, GHz stands for something called gigahertz, which measures the speed of a computer’s processor.

The higher the number, the better a given computer is for running various applications simultaneously. (The laptops or desktops with a better GHz stat are usually better for running large programs like hi-def games).

MacBook Pro

MacBook Pros are a bit more hefty than the Air, mostly because of the number of bells and whistles.

There are two variants of the MacBook Pro (the 13 in. and the 16 in., but to keep things simple and fast between Pro and Air, we’ll be looking at the stats for the 13 in.

Top Features:

  • 13.3-inch screen display
  • Apple M1 Chip
  • 16 GB Memory
  • 2TB Storage
  • Battery life of up to 20 hrs
  • Touch Bar and Touch ID
  • 2 Thunderbolt 3 ports
  • Weighs 3.0 pounds
  • About 1.6 GHz

How Expensive Are They?

Now that we know the specs, let’s talk price.

Though it varies depending on the laptop that interests you, the range for a MacBook is gonna be somewhere between $999-$2399.

To get into the nitty-gritty details, each kind of MacBook will have its own price range based on its age, type of processor, and amount of fun features.

MacBook Air$999
MacBook Pro (13 in. with 2 Thunderbolt USBs)$1299
MacBook Pro (13 in. with 4 Thunderbolt USBs)$1799
MacBook Pro (16 in.) $2399
*(With proof of education, Apple Inc. will drop the price $100 for students)

Many argue that these prices are astronomical in comparison to other laptops on the market.

If you’re interested in a computer and aren’t too worried about longevity then most will direct you away from Apple and toward something that won’t wreck the bank.

Laptops from Dell or Lenovo vary in price from as low as $300, with their higher-end laptops going for $800. When compared directly to these, MacBooks look like hoity-toity snobs, but almost everyone across the web agrees that these kinds of comparisons aren’t fair. (Comparing Apples to oranges).

Some more accurate compare and contrasts would be between MacBooks and competitors like the Windows Dell XPS (around $1,000), the HP Spectre ($1,050), or the Microsoft Surface (going for $1,400). So, when put up against equal rivals of the same quality and caliber, MacBooks don’t look too expensive. In actuality, the Air is kind of a steal.

1. Build Quality

One of the major reasons MacBooks are so expensive is because Apple Inc. didn’t skimp on the parts or build.

With custom-made batteries and high-performing trackpads (some of the very best on the market right now), MacBooks are known for their longevity and good quality.

The speakers are prime, as is the sensitivity to noise in their microphones. The PPI (pixels per inch for the MacBook Air) comes out to something around 2560 x 1600, which allows for a sharp imaging display and good coloring.

Last but not least, the aluminum. MacBooks are made out of aluminum which makes for a durable protectant against easy wear and tear. The laptops can last longer than others with this kind of coverage.

This makes MacBooks expensive because it takes a ton of time and precision to get aluminum to cooperate, but it sure is a pay-off, making MacBooks tough, yet light and giving them that signature super sleek look.

2. High Demand

Speaking of sleek, everyone likes the look and feel of a MacBook.

Not only are they easy to carry to and from work or have snuggled up in your backpack, but MacBooks are highly beloved by Apple users nationally as well as internationally. So, Apple’s advertising is known for being persuasive and fun, and the marketing team somehow reaches the very corners of the earth, making Apple Inc. known to places and people from Los Angeles to Moscow.

Sure, the United States and its citizens are the main income for Apple, but Europe and China are close runner-ups, meaning the news of iPhones and Macs are making it around the entire world.

Everyone knows about Apple and everyone wants a MacBook. And for every new customer, there’s an Apple convert. Apple Inc. is one of those companies that, once they have you, they have you forever. Apple users are loyal to the very end, and because of that, there’s always a high demand for Apple products.

With higher demand comes a higher need for a constantly running-out-of-stock product, and with that prices tend to go up for what’s now deemed “exclusive”.

Since 2006, Apple products’ stats, specifically in laptops, have been steady. In 2020, when the new Apple M1 chip was just getting thrown into the mix, sales skyrocketed to an all-time high and since haven’t come down too much.

Truly, Apple has become the brand to have. And the brand to keep.

3. Longevity

MacBooks are known for their long life spans. Commonly, laptops on average can last around 3 years, whereas MacBooks can survive 4-5 years. (At least).

Granted, that may be because they are made from a more heavy-duty material (on the inside and out), and are less prone to breakage and outer damage.

Because the materials to make MacBooks are a bit more pricey, they last longer than other laptops of the same category and classification.

A specific material that MacBooks carry is their custom-made batteries. These bad boys are made to fit perfectly in the MacBook frame and are long-lasting sons of guns. Most laptops can stay alive and alert on a single charge for about 2-3 hours, or 7-8 if you’re extremely lucky. MacBooks on the other hand, such as the Air, are known to last 12 hours with one charge! (*mind-blown*)

If the battery life is ever less than that on a MacBook, that may be your sign to look for a new one or make sure the laptop has all its necessary updates.

4. Safe + Secure

Funny enough, though you may see Apple everywhere you look, only about 10-20% of the world’s population have an Apple Inc. computer/device.

Many computers used at workplaces and larger institutions use non-Apple products, so MacBook competitors become victims far more often than Apple users. (Most Apple products are personal and have less important data on their hard drives).

Because this is the case, Apple users tend to have less exposure to viruses, being less of a target due to larger numbers of people owning PCs or Androids over Apple’s MacBooks. Not only are MacBooks less of a risk, but Apple Inc. made sure to set the laptop up with the proper security, just in case you’re still worried about viruses.

Every computer comes with an antivirus system built-in called XProtect. XProtect is familiar with known viruses and checks for any kind of threat every time an application is downloaded, launched, or updated.

5. Operating System

OS (or operating system) is the software a given computer comes with that supports a laptop’s basic functions.

Functions like:

  • Battery Functionality and Life
  • Files and Folders
  • Internet Connectivity
  • Handles Applications (storage, memory, and running)

MacBooks come with Apple’s very own tech, something called macOS.

Debuting first in 2001, macOS is the system used in all of Apple Inc.’s computer products (desktop Macs, and laptops like the MacBooks). According to the internet, macOS is second in line for “Most Used” operating systems, only behind Windows.

Consumers say they prefer macOS over regular operating systems because the macOS seems tailor-made for MacBooks. Because that’s the case, every application, every piece of design fits perfectly and runs almost flawlessly.

Many also say that the macOS has a better retina display. The MacBooks are even said to prevent eye strain and fatigue. (Especially in comparison to other laptops). As far as the actual function of the operating system, macOS performs tasks with precision and, because the OS is constantly being updated, computers are always getting into better shape.

It even helps older MacBooks stay relevant and working for longer than originally planned.

6. User Friendly

MacBooks, like most Apple Inc. products are popular for their user-friendliness.

Easy to use, MacBooks have those previously mentioned high-performing trackpads. This quality alone has stopped people in their tracks, being voted on as one of the best laptops to use long-term.

This and MacBook’s varying applications make it easy to understand and easy to learn if you’re new to the Apple ownership scene. The system is straight forward and troubleshooting is very easy.

Honestly, though the other reasons are completely valid, the fact that MacBooks are extremely user-friendly is one of the top reasons people keep going back to Apple for their tech needs. The best part is, if you’re not sure where to start, Apple customer service reps are all too eager to help you set up your MacBook and give you all the details you’d ever need.

*Fun Fact: if you’re set on Windows look and usability but want a MacBook, you can have the best of both worlds, for there’s a way to install the program on any Mac computer, (MacBooks included).

It’s not a difficult coding type deal either, one can simply use Apple’s built-in programming to “dual-boot” (dual-boot means to simultaneously use two different programs), Windows next to the mac operating system.

7. Integration

Something about the MacBook too is that it’s compatible with any other Apple device(s).

Devices such as:

  • iPad (Original, Pro, Air)
  • iPhone
  • Apple Watch
  • Apple AirPods
  • Beats (Wireless Headphones and Earphones)

Wouldn’t it be nice if your texts could link from your iPhone to your laptop and all your computer’s files could be previewed on your cell? Oh, the convenience. It would be wonderful.

What was super smart on Apple’s part is making compatibility between devices possible, whilst making sure to give specific devices specific limitations. To be blunt, Apple wants you to have it easy so they allow linking up with different devices, but it doesn’t mean you can get rid of your MacBook or get rid of your iPhone.

One device can do things the other can’t, so it makes people head to the Apple Store to buy more products, keeping things in the family.

8. The Apple Monopoly

Because Apple has such a strong hold on the laptop industry, coming up with new forms of technology (like the Apple M1 chip), the company has formed a modern-day monopoly.

Since the start (back in 2001), Apple Inc.’s stock prices have gone up about 15,000%, making the company truly a national bestseller and worth somewhere around the modest price of $1 trillion dollars.

Since 2007, 1.3 billion iPhones have been sold around the world and just in this last year (2021), computers and laptops like the MacBooks have made record sales, selling about 5.57 million across the globe. Choosing not to offer anything on the low-end of products (there’s really no such thing as a “cheap Mac”), Apple only puts out laptops like MacBooks that are premium and high-value.

This, mixed in with the fact that MacBooks are in high demand by loyal Apple consumers, makes these computers and this company one of a kind, with really no worthy opponents to compete.

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