7 Common Airpods Problems

Right and Left apple airpod earbuds next to airpod case

The Apple Airpods are some of the best wireless earphones available in the market today. In fact, the Airpods are the leaders in the wireless earphones market not only because they carry the Apple brand but also because they really are some of the best in terms of overall aesthetics and sound quality. But, as good as the Airpods may be, they are still prone to some common problems that have frustrated some consumers. Therefore, we are here to look at the 7 common problems that Airpods owners tend to face.

7 common Airpods problems

1. Getting lost

As mentioned, Airpods are two individual wireless earbuds that connect to your device over Bluetooth. Because of that very fact, you could end up losing them while you are on the go and you didn’t notice that one or both of your Airpods actually fell out of your ears. Another way is if you forget to put the earbuds in the AirPods case and lose track of them.

The good news is that you can use the Find iPhone option to locate your Airpods in their last known location.

  1. Go to iCloud.com on any browser.
  2. Sign in to your account and then go to Find iPhone.
  3. From there, look at the top of the screen and click All Devices to drop the list down.
  4. Select your AirPods so that you will be able to find them in their last known location.
  5. If your AirPods are not in their case and are close by, you can tap Play Sound to make them beep.

2. Sudden connection loss

Another issue that’s quite common among Airpods is the sudden loss of connection. Again, this because Airpods rely on Bluetooth to make a connection with your device. This is still an evolving tech that is still improving, and that’s why such an issue is quite common.

The first thing you need to do is to check if you are far from your device as the distance between you and your phone may have an effect on the connection between the devices. You can also try moving anything that you think is disrupting the connection between your Airpods and the device.

Try returning the Airpods to their case and then close it. Wait about 10 seconds and then open the case once again to see if there is a connection between your phone and the Airpods.

3. No sound

What use are earphones that don’t come with any sounds? Even if your Airpods are connected to your device, there are some instances when you can’t even hear anything coming from them when you are playing music on your phone.

Start the fix by checking the volume settings because there are some instances where the volume might be muted. 

If the volume of the device isn’t the problem, try resetting your phone’s Bluetooth on and off and then put the Airpods back in their case. Wait about 10 seconds and then try again.

You can also try disconnecting the Airpods from your phone or device entirely and then re-pair them once again.

4. Airpods not working with non-Apple devices

Even though Airpods are from Apple, they should work with just about any device that supports Bluetooth regardless of the brand of the device. So, that means that your Airpods should also work with a Samsung phone.

However, if the Airpods are not working with your non-Apple device, try pushing the small white button behind the Airpods. Hold and press this button while the Airpods are near the non-Apple device and you should be able to see that the Airpods will be available for pairing on your device’s Bluetooth.

But be warned that, while the basic functions of the Airpods are available for non-Apple devices, the extra features are not. This includes ear detection, customized commands, battery notification, and Siri.

5. They keep falling out

Due to their size, it is quite common for Airpods to fall out of your ears especially when you are out on a run and all of the movements and the bouncing can dislodge the Airpods. Even the Airpods Pro, with an in-ear design, also has a similar issue.

If you are using the Airpods Pro, try using different tips that fit snugly into your ears. This will make it less likely for your Airpods Pro to fall out of your ears.

Meanwhile, if you are using an ordinary pair of Airpods, you may want to use straps that will allow the Airpods to stay on your body when they fall off your ears. While that won’t solve the issue of the Airpods falling out of your ears, the straps will minimize the chances of you losing the Airpods when they do fall out.

6. One Airpod won’t connect

The thing you need to understand about Airpods is that each Airpod has its own unique identity in the sense that connecting the product to your phone won’t be an assurance that the two will automatically connect. There are some cases where one Airpod won’t connect. Some people even prefer to only use one Airpod in case they want to be able to hear well with the other ear.

But if you want to use both Airpods, the best fix that you can do is to pop both Airpods back in the case. Wait for about 10 seconds before popping them out of the case and putting them in your ears once again. Repeat the process as much as necessary in case the fix still won’t work.

7. Bad battery life

Out of the box, Airpods should have five hours of battery life. The charging case should also give them an extra five hours. However, there is nothing you can do about the bad battery life of the Airpods because that is how they are. You will have to wait for Apple to

come out with new Airpods with improved battery life.

Why are problems quite common with Airpods?

When it comes to sound and music, technology has been in line with the rising wireless tech that has helped make the world a lot more convenient. As such, there are now plenty of true wireless earphones that you can just simply plug in your ears without having to worry about annoying wires that can get snagged on anything. And when it comes to the best wireless earphones, you’d be hard-pressed to find anything that’s better than the Apple Airpods in terms of popularity.

The Apple Airpods are the leading wireless earphones in the market precisely because they are popular and are also high-quality as well. And because they integrate well with the ever-popular iPhone, it only follows that Airpods are as popular as they are.

Still, Apple Airpods do have issues that people tend to see on a regular basis. And that is what we are here to look at.

Before we look at the common problems that people often face with their Airpods, you may be wondering why such problems are actually quite common. After all, if these products are as good as they are supposed to be, should it actually follow that they don’t have so many different problems?

So, the reason why Apple Airpods have a lot of issues is that they are wireless. As much as we would like to applaud the many different wireless technologies that we have today, the lack of wires can be something that can also be a disadvantage to these products. This, of course, includes the Airpods.

The fact that Airpods are wireless makes them prone to plenty of different problems such as getting lost. In the past when we relied on wired earphones, it was difficult to lose earphones because they are connected to your phone. So, even if they do end up falling out of your ears, you won’t lose them that easily.

On top of that, the fact that Airpods are wireless may lead to disturbances and issues in their sound quality. Wired technology allowed earphones to have the best type of sound quality as there is hardly any quality lost through the wired connection. But because wireless earphones transmit using Bluetooth or any other wireless tech, some quality ends up getting lost during the transmission.

All that said, these problems are not only common with the Airpods but also with other wireless earphones as well. As such, we are not singling out the Airpods when it comes to common issues regarding wireless earphones.

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